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 Power Transmission Machinery PTM Co. is the first and the most experienced knowledge based private company which manufactures the special transformers in Iran. PTM co. is capable of manufacturing power transformers up to 400 MVA and voltage of 400 KV.
 All products of this company are delivered on employer's site with 2 years guarantee, supervision on shipment and mounting which are the main terms of guarantee.The special advantages of PTM Co. are short time of manufacturing and transformer mounting on employers’ site. PTM Co. unique equipment, facilities and professional specialist are the best helper of important industries such as POWER, CEMENT, STEEL, OIL AND PETROCHEMICAL and etc.
 Total area of the factory is 5000 square meters of which 2100 square meters are considered for factory, 620 square meters allocated to office space and facilities; 450 square meters are set apart for developing high voltage laboratory and 750 square meters is for workshop, assembling and disassembling halls in design and development projects.
  PTM Co. transformers manufacturing processes on
    - Wire manufacturing and sizing workshop
    - Insulated Wire (strand) and continuously
      transposed cable manufacturing workshop
    - Tank manufacturing workshop
    - Radiator and heat exchanger manufacturing
    - Machine manufacturing workshop
   PTM Co. products include:
   Design and manufacturing of the
                            Special transformer
                            Power transformer
                            EAF, LF, Induction and Arc Furnace
                            Medium Power and 
                            Six and Twelve phases
                            Combine and Earth transformers.
 Some of Active Projects in PTM CO:
      - Design and manufacturing of Power Transformer 
      - Design and manufacturing of Power Transformer 
      - Design and manufacturing of Power Transformer 
      - Repairing of two Power Transformers 30MVA
      - Repairing of Reactor 25MVAR-63kV
      - Repairing of Power Transformer 30MVA-63/6.3kV
      - Recycling of LF Transformer 25MVA-20kV
     Preventive and Maintenance Services of products
          - Monitoring and protection equipment
          - Providing of accessories and spare parts
          - Recycling, Overhaul and repairing transformers
          - Consulting about timeworn transformers
          - Detecting, troubleshooting and investigation of
            failure causes
          - Design changing consulting
          - P.M. management tools and run it
          - Risk assessment and insurance consulting
          - Holding of professional training courses
    - PTM Co. participation in the 3rd International 
     Transformer Conference and Exhibition (ITCE) on 
     TARASHT Power Plant in Tehran (6 & 7 SEP.2016)       - Installation and commissioning of Transformer
       80 MVA,63/21kV
    - PTM Co. participation on side Exhibition of
      International Power Conference on NIROO
      Research Institute (27th To 29th OCT. 2014)
    - PTM Co. participation in the first & second
      International Transformer Conference and
      Exhibitions (ITCE) on TARASHT Power Plant
      in Tehran (SEP. 2014 & 2015)
     Contact us:
         Factory Contact:
   Tell: +98 (21) 65437590-5
    Fax: +98 (21) 65435572
    SMS Panel: +98100065437590
   Customers service management
  Factory management
   After sales services management
    Address: No. 140,9th Street, SAFADASHT
          Industrial Town, 25th Km of ESHTEHHARD
          Road, SHAHRIYAR, IRAN
.All Rights Reserved. Power Transmission Machinery. PTM co
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